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Goal Setting and Planning

Part of the Navigating Independence Series for Parents and Young Adults

Includes the Guide and Journal “Are You Feeling the Not-so-Empty Nester Blues?”

Goals Workbook

Planning Workbook

12 printable worksheets to aid you in planning out just about any project from the New Year to your daily to-dos.

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In this free Bundle

you will learn

how to navigate the frustrations of a not-so-empty nest. Whether your young adult has special needs, is a struggling learner or just unmotivated, this addresses how to begin the process of becoming more independent.

  • Learn how to set goals and follow through
  • Learn how to plan out a project
  • Learn more about your young adult and their abilities and limitations
Mary’s information is practical and easy to follow, the goals are measurable and success within reach.
Anne H., Hope Learning Center

Benefit One

Thought provoking encouragement for parents with a side of tough love and optional journaling prompts for processing emotions

Benefit Two

Practical and easy to use workbooks and worksheets

Benefit Three

A variety of options to choose the worksheets that will “work” best for you and your young adult

I’m Mary

I am passionate about supporting you as you explore opportunities for your young adult with a diagnosis.

I have been involved in the special needs community for the last decade+ as well as having friends and family who are walking this journey with their young adult. My faith includes the belief that each of us is created in the image of God (Genesis 3) and have varying gifts to contribute to our communities and society at large. (1 Cor 12) Your child is no exception.

What Empty Nest addresses the needs of parents seeking to navigate paths for their young adult child with a diagnosis to become more independent. What Empty Nest provides resources for assessment, readiness and training in functional life skills along with continuing encouragement for the journey.

A great place to start in the journey of independence – Goal Setting and Planning

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