Fall trees

You are the Beautiful Colors of Fall


I am so glad that I have always lived in a place that includes all four of the seasons. I am especially glad that I have been able to experience fall in some beautiful places. It is my favorite season with its bold colors, the smell of crispness in the air, the feeling of cozy when the sweatshirts and hot chocolate come out, and the tastes of warm spices that become more prevalent in my cooking. Gardens and flower patches are put to bed for another year and the green of summer trees becomes a riot of jewel tones and bright colors.

Seasons of Life

If we picture life as taking place in different seasons, the “empty nest” season of life would represent fall. The busyness of growing a family and establishing a career begins to slow down as our children establish their own careers and homes. As our parents approach the winter season and we take on more responsibility in assisting them or caring for them, we may not see the benefits or the beauty of this fall season.

Strength and Consistency

But trust me when I say, this is our season to shine. To those we care for, we are the bold colors and the comfort or warmth for their season. Our service to others and our care of others is of paramount importance to those we serve. As our parents lose some of their abilities and/or their freedoms, they need to know that strength and consistency is nearby. Those bold colors of the leaves in fall trees are the reminder that the tree is still very much alive and able to show its glory before the winds of winter blow its colors off. Just as the time is here for us to be strong and consistent in our care of those we love.


This analogy is most relevant for caregivers who care for the elderly, but it can be just as relevant for those who are helping their adult children get their feet back on the ground, or those who have a child with special needs whose differing abilities have kept them from keeping up with their age peers. Our love and care for others gives stability in a time of floundering and that looks different in each of our scenarios.


Take the time before the leaves are gone to go for a drive, or a walk if you are lucky enough, and let all your senses enjoy fall. Say a prayer for those you care for as you walk or drive, asking God to be gracious to them in their season. Ask for wisdom and strength as you support them and be thankful for the opportunity to be in the position you find yourself. And when your walk is over, and its time to get back to the demands of caring for another, remember – You are the colors of fall to someone and God has given you the strength to continue in this task of caregiving.

Happy Fall, Y’all

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