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Your young adult with a diagnosis is struggling and you want to help. Let’s encourage them to review the skills they have and empower them to learn new functional life skills that will help them transition to a more independent lifestyle, either at home or on their own.

Be your young adult’s biggest cheerleader! Phase 0 is ready and available. Phase 1 will be in Beta Phase for 2024. What does that mean?

  • Program Materials will become available over the course of the year. You have the chance to enter the program as a contributing member by giving feedback of what does and doesn’t work well for you and receive Beta Member Bonuses and a significant discount!

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Navigating Independence consists of three phases:

Phase 0: Exploring Independence – Asking Good Questions about Readiness and Assessment, and Casting a Vision for your Family (This phase is ready now – You may already be a part of it – Congratulations!)

Phase 1: Independent At Home – Diving into practical topics – Practicing Executive Function Skills, Expanding Personal Care Skills, Learning Home Management Skills, Exploring Employment Skills and Fine Tuning Social Engagement Skills (This will be in Beta Phase, with new modules available over 2024)

Phase 2: Independent On My Own – Coming in 2025 – Diving Deeper

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The Assessment Toolkit inside Exploring Independence

Phase O – Exploring Independence

  • Are You Ready? A Guide for Parents and their Young Adult
  • Assessment Tests for Parent and Young Adult
  • Instruction Book and Worksheets
  • Functional Life Skills Checklist – to help determine areas of need
  • Bonus: The Not-So-Empty Nest Blues A Parent Resource
  • Bonus: Executive Function Practice (Book 1 of Phase 1)

What might Maximum Independence look like for your family?

Phase One – Independent at Home

To achieve maximum independence, we first need to be confident that we have the skills needed to function on our own. As your young adult works through the practical steps in each of the following areas, they will begin to acquire the functional skills needed along with the confidence that it within their reach.

  • Daily practice of Executive Function Skills (Book 1)
  • Expanding Their Personal Care Skills, including Health and Stress Management (Books 2-4)
  • Learning the basics of Home Management Skills necessary for everyday living and for emergency survival (5-8)
  • Exploring Employment Skills and Opportunities (Books 9-11)
  • and Fine Tuning Social Engagement Skills ( Books 12-13)
  • All in practical and fun ways with varying levels of support
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