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Are You Ready for Independence?

A Guide for Parents and Their Neuro-diverse Young Adult Children

Functional Life Skills Checklist

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the next steps to take to prepare your young adult for independent living.

You and your young adult will read Are You Ready? and answer the assessment questions. Then you will read Functional Life Skills Checklist and determine what skills may still be needed before launching. This opens the dialogue for looking at various possibilities and casting the vision and setting goals for progressing towards more independence.

  • At What Empty Nest we want to encourage and support you in your role of supporting your young adult.
  • We understand the challenges involved and want to help you explore your options.
  • We want to encourage and support you as you begin to transition to playing a more supportive role while your young adult takes on the responsibility of realizing his/her dreams.
  • At What Empty Nest we believe all of us are created in the image of God (Genesis 3) and are given unique talents and abilities to contribute to community.(1 Cor 12)
  • We want to help you help your young adult to live to their fullest potential.

“Mary’s information is practical and easy to follow, the goals are measurable and success is within reach.”

Anne H, Hope Learning Center

Benefit One

A practical guide to help both you and your young adult determine readiness.

Benefit Two

An extensive list of skills that need to be addressed for independence, giving you a road map to begin exploring.

Benefit Three

A thoughtful list of options for a range of possibilities for independence, along with encouragement for the the journey.

Hello Friend, I’m Mary

I am passionate about supporting you as you explore opportunities for your young adult with a diagnosis.

I have been involved in the special needs community for the last decade+ as well as having friends and family who are walking this journey with their young adult. My faith includes the belief that each of us is created in the image of God (Genesis 3) and have varying gifts to contribute to our communities and society at large. (1 Cor 12)Your child is no exception.

What Empty Nest addresses the needs of parents seeking to navigate paths for their young adult child with a diagnosis to become more independent. What Empty Nest provides resources for assessment, readiness and training in functional life skills along with continuing encouragement for the journey.

When Mary presented to our organization, our students walked away with many tips on preparing for independent living and their parents were challenged to come alongside their young adult as they develop skills in a safe environment and work towards “leaving the nest.” I highly recommend Mary for her wealth of knowledge and ability to create practical and helpful resources for families in this stage of life.

Marie Haney/ Director – Hope Learning Center

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