Imagine having a plan for less stress and avoiding burnout that works for YOU in YOUR situation

Here’s what that could look like…

  • You begin to discover ways to NOURISH yourself holistically, including your body, mind, heart and soul.
  • You define your why, acknowledge your EXPECTATIONS and develop a mindset that will keep you positive and realistic.
  • You begin to craft a plan that incorporates systems that are SUSTAINABLE and specific, yet flexible.
  • You learn to seek guidance and support that meets your spiritual needs, and to TRUST the process and the plan.

You know that caring for your loved one is the right thing to do, but you feel so overwhelmed and frustrated!

You struggle with


Always being on demand, constant interruptions, and never fully completing the task you started.


Your schedule seems hijacked by doing things others need and when you try to schedule help it is inconsistent at best and just not worth the prep to have someone else come in.


If one more person tells you to “take care of yourself” you are going to scream.

Listen to what our students say
Multi-generational living

you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

Hi! I’m Mary and I’ve been doing various scenarios of caregiving for the past two decades and I’ve learned a few things – a lot about stress and burnout and more about mindset and putting systems into place. I’ve made the same mistakes more than once, but I’ve learned to take one day at a time, the importance of putting myself in other’s shoes, and how to take care of myself.


The N.E.S.T. Workshop

Ready to put a personalized plan in place to avoid burnout?

Get all the tools you need to feel confident that you have a plan to avoid burnout that will work.

Each module comes with a workbook and 3 15-minute videos.

Each module also includes bonus resources for practical application.

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

Module one


The first module will help you to assess where you are holistically in terms of stress. Stress can put you at risk for a multitude of health concerns . Evaluate yourself from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standpoint and learn how to put action steps in place to begin to lessen the effect stress is making on your body.

Includes: Workbook, 3 videos

Bonus: Taking Care of You Resource Bundle

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Module Two


Often our stress is magnified because we find ourselves consumed by something we didn’t plan for. Realizing that our expectations and our reality are not matching is the first step in learning to destress. Creating Boundaries and a practical job description is the second.

Includes: Workbook, Three Videos,

Bonus: Mindset and Boundaries Resource Bundle

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Module Three


We can not continue to operate in a healthy manner if we do not create balance in our lives. Sustainability needs systems that protect, improve and innovate. Explore ways to take action in your personal situation to include all of the above.

Includes: Workbook, 3 videos

Bonus – Case Studies, Creating Balance Resource Bundle

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Module Four


As we build these systems and practice them we need to trust ourselves, trust others and trust the process. Trust provides faith and HOPE, and a belief that you can manage your situation without having it “take you down.”

Includes: Workbook, 3 videos

Bonus: Putting Systems into Place Resource Bundle

Mary has the practical experience over many years and many care giving situations so she’s not just talking the talk. She knows. And cares. An extraordinary human being living an ordinary life.

Stephanie B.

The course contains

Four modules with workbooks

12 15- minute videos (3 each week)

Coaching and Q&A during the 30 days of the program is available at

Facebook Group – The N.E.S.T is available for community

Bonus Bundles included:

NOURISH: Taking Care of You Bundle

EXPECTATIONS: Boundaries and Mindset Bundle

SUSTAINABILITY: Case Studies, Problem Solving and Creating Balance

TRUST: Putting Systems in Place Bundle


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Is the N.E.S.T. a good fit for me?

If you are suffering from stress and need to take back control of your life then the N.E.S.T. has answers for you. Designed to assess your stress levels, pinpoint the reasons why you are stressed and learn to mitigate the risks and lessen the stress, The N.E.S.T. has proven to be an effective tool to help you achieve your goal of reducing stress and taking back control.

What is the investment?

This workshop is self-paced but is designed to take about 15 minutes 3 times a week to watch the videos and roughly 20 min per day to work in the accompanying workbook. It can also be completed in 2 90 minute time blocks or however you need to lay it out for your situation.

The course retails for $147. (value $297 if sold separately) Discount coupons are frequently available to newsletter subscribers or ask what is available at

Is there a return policy?

As these are all digital products, there is typically no refund. However, satisfaction is guaranteed, so if you find after completing the first module in the first week, that this course is not for you, your money will be refunded. Keep in mind you will not receive anymore of the remaining weeks materials. A refund can be requested from within 7 days of the course start date.

How and when will I receive my course?

You will receive an email with links to the first module on the course start date (currently April 3) and then the next module will be sent to your email on the Mondays following the initial start of the problem for 30 days.