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Does your glass feel half empty with all the stress a not-so-empty nest can bring?

Access our free 12 page guide book for taking care of yourself when you are taking care of everyone else. Also included are bonus pdfs on 3 Stress Relieving Breathing Exercises and 30 Days of Gratitude journal prompts. Start working on having less stress and looking at your glass as half full today. Sign Up below.

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In this free guide & Bonuses

you will learn

Learn how to take care of yourself holistically – body, mind, heart and soul.

  • Use the strategy The Power Behind One and Ten* as you choose one idea and start with just ten minutes. *This was explained in the summit presentation.
  • Find Ideas for recharging your body, your mind, your emotions and your spiritual side. Also includes a habit tracker and a bonus on block scheduling for finding more hours in your day.
  • Learn 3 simple breathing techniques that signal your brain to calm and relax
  • Download the journal prompts for inspiration to begin a journaling habit that will bring stress relief.
  • Use the habit tracker to turn your one action and 10 minutes into a powerful habit

Mary has the practical experience over many years and many care giving situations so she’s not just talking the talk. She knows. And cares. An extraordinary human being living an ordinary life.

Stephanie B., Art of Special Needs Parenting

Holistic Healing

Stress affects all parts of us – Body, Mind, Spirit

These resources address how to be aware what part of you is most affected, and how to heal the damage from chronic stress.

Calm Brain

When taking time to clear the physical, mental and spiritual tensions that stress brings, we calm our brain and slow down the Fight Flight or Freeze response which only leads to more stress.

Stress Relief

By becoming aware of how stress affects us personally, we can put systems into place that will help us to avoid the long term consequences of chronic stress.

I’m Mary

I am passionate about helping you find joy in your life and order in your home in spite of having a not-so-empty nest.

Hi, I’m Mary, the creator of What Empty Nest. I care for an elderly parent, have experienced my adult children moving back home and have done daycare for my grandchildren. Throughout these experiences I have learned much about navigating a not-so-empty nest and the unique stressors it brings.

At What Empty Nest? the conversation revolves around our not-so-empty nests and the situations that make them that way. We talk about stress, self-care, caregiving, adult children living at home, and many other topics that relate to a not-so-empty nest.

Looking for a glass half full?

Look no further! Come explore with us how to find peace and joy in your not-so-empty nest.

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